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HSS Dean’s Award for Excellence in the Liberal Arts

Each year at Commencement, beginning in May 2012, the Dean of the School of Humanities and Liberal Arts presents the DAELA, the Dean’s Award for Excellence in the Liberal Arts, to graduating seniors who have excelled in the liberal arts.  These students have distinguished themselves not only in the classroom, but also in the community.  During the course of their college careers, they have become exemplars of the liberal arts mission by:

  • Developing knowledge and engaging in creative activities;
  • Studying and contributing to the solutions of local, national, and global problems;
  • Carefully examining cultural discourses from a variety of perspectives;
  • Exercising ethical reasoning and compassion;
  • Participating fully in our democracy; and
  • Advancing and sustaining their communities.

They have excelled by exploring their communities, contributing to them, and leaving campus for learning and volunteer activities.  They have participated in undergraduate research, experiential learning, study abroad, community service, and internships.  Many of these students have won other awards, from external organizations, honoring their service beyond the campus community.  Thus, in addition to achieving very high grade point averages, evidence of their academic excellence, they have made a difference in their community, here on campus and beyond.


HSS 2013 DAELA Laureates with Dean Rifkin (not pictured: Leo Capoferri)

The 2013 HSS DAELA Laureates are: (click on the name to see the profile)

Stephanie Cregg Major in Criminology, Minor in Russian Studies
Samantha Zimbler Major in English, Concentration in European Literary Studies
Mary Jane (“MJ”) Dempsey Major in History, Major in International Studies with Specialization in Diplomacy, Minor in Italian
Bryan Furman Major in International Studies, Major in Psychology, Minor in Central Eurasian Studies, Minor in Russian Studies
Kimberly Horner Major in Journalism and Professional Writing, Minor in Communication Studies
Leo Capoferri Major in Philosophy
Rachel Morris
Major in Political Science, Concentration in Environmental Studies
Jennifer Frederick Major in Psychology, Major in Women’s and Gender Studies
Emily Fung Major in Sociology, Minor in Biology, Minor in Marketing
Jenna Leopold Major in Spanish, Minor in Communications Disorders
Shannon Grooms Major in Women’s and Gender Studies

DAELA Laureates from previous years